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Cleaning Out My Virtual Purse: Half-Eaten Posts, Mashed-Up Ideas

Been a busy week between work and family, hence my uncharacteristic silence. My mind is littered with lots of news, links and detritus that I thought Maven worthy. I could sort them out one by one and fall even further behind – or – I could offer them up as a whole, just the way I occasionally dump my purse for a clean sweep.

So here’s the little bits of crap floating around my virtual organizer bag:


Hubby and I were watching TV the other night and saw an ad for Egg Beaters, the egg white people. They now have a new product with a little bit of yolk left in it. The ad asked rhetorically – And what do we (meaning Egg Beaters) call this new product?

My answer? Eggs. We call them eggs.

Get a Grip: The Maven Rule of 5

A website may be about your company, product or service – BUT IT’S FOR YOUR VISITOR. Everything you write, design, add, etc. has to be focused on delivering your message in a way that will best be received and acted upon by the visitor. No one cares about how paradoxical, different or dashing you are. They don’t even care about what you’re selling. They only care about you/your offering in terms of how it will benefit them (just like you do when visiting someone else’s site.) Your visitor wants to:

  1. Find something
  2. Learn something
  3. Do something
  4. Get something
  5. Buy something

That’s it. So, don’t get in their way.

Is Frickin’ A Nasty Word?

On one of my favorite elists – a DC-based women in technology group – there was an ongoing discussion of a local gas/grocery chain and their new ad for a new sandwich creation called “Frickin’ Chicken.” One of the gals thought frickin’ wasn’t a very nice word to use in public. (Our recent discussion of Jane Fonda using a not-so-nice word for a lady’s “woo-woo” notwithstanding.)

Give me a freakin’ /frickin’ break. Frickin’ Chicken rhymes. Tweens and Teens – the market for this product – will order the mess just to say frickin’ chicken outloud. (Can you say Beevis and Butthead? Of course you can.)

We did, however, have a lively discussion of SciFi shows and the use of “frack” on Battlestar Galatica and “frell” on Farscape (I’m such a geek I actually own William Shatner‘s hilariously over the top Transformed Man album. I was 13. What did I know.) I added Norman Mailer‘s invention of ‘fug’ for cussing purposes in his novel, The Naked and the Dead. A freaking’/frackin’/frellin’ good time was had by all.

Twitter – Does Anyone Care When I Do My Laundry?

Or anything else about my mundane life? They must because I actually have some folks now following me. Weird, a little scary but eerily compelling. (It took weeks and a fellow human at Twitter to help me escape from their endless delete/restore/we can’t find you loop. It works now. Follow me, if you enjoy hearing about the minutia of my day.

Make a Plan, Get a Clue: New Maven Series Launches at Copyblogger 

I’ve received a flurry of interest from the Copyblogger fans who want a Maven review of their promotion plans before they start spending the big bucks. What’s been interesting is how many folks have asked for the review but didn’t kick-in the requisite donation to Heifer. A hand, baby, not a hand-out. That’s what I’m all about as is Heifer.

Ahhh, I feel cleansed. More to come in the week ahead.


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  1. Tom Chandler/Copywriter Underground | Mar 1, 2008 | Reply

    I’m sure I’m failing some kind of geek test with this comment, but creating a new, otherworldly word for f**k (frack) was a stroke of genius by the Battlestar Galactica writers.

    Now the characters can swear freely without ever risking that ridiculous moment when some broadcaster hires an actor (with absolutely the wrong accent) to say “flip you!” to the villan who just murdered the man’s family and his dog.

    Yeah. Flip me.

  2. Brandon W | Mar 2, 2008 | Reply

    I was also stuck in the neverending delete/restore loop and had to get a human being to get me unstuck. She even had to try 3 times! At first I wondered how Twitter could be worth anything, but it’s turned out to be surprisingly fun and useful as more friends have joined. Truly viral. And if you have a Facebook profile, definitely add the Twitter application and let it sync your Twitter status to your Facebook status (which joins the news mini-feed going out to your friends). It saves a lot of the hassle of dealing with Facebook.

  3. Ann P. | Mar 3, 2008 | Reply

    I loved this post — made me smile.

  4. Layla | Apr 22, 2008 | Reply

    I’ve actually been thinking about implementing the same practices in my home and residential cleaning business. Great thoughts and thank you for the helpful information.

  5. Atlanta Maid Service | Jan 27, 2009 | Reply

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