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Listen & Learn: Lucky #13 Maven Landing Page Makeover on Copyblogger »

Tweet photo credit: kobakou If you haven’t read it yet, you can see the latest in my ongoing Copywriting Maven Landing Page (or Marketing Plan) Makeover series at Copyblogger, lucky #13. The Maven Sings! Just kidding. If, however, you’d like to listen to me tell you all about it, check out my mp3. (Yes, those […]

Maven Makeovers are Back … and Copyblogger’s Got ‘em »

Tweet First! If you’re a fan of my Copywriting Maven Landing Page Makeover series, they’re back at Copyblogger. You can read Makeover #12 here. If you peruse the comments, you’ll see that adding a mp3 for the reading challenged has been requested. To be honest, I hadn’t thought about it before. But what a good idea, […]

So What’s Your Beef? Writing the Mea Culpa Customer Service Letter »

Tweet Today I had to write a ‘mea culpa’ email to a customer who chewed me out because I didn’t ask her why she wanted to cancel her gift order and just accepted the cancellation without comment. (In this case, I knew the reason was going to be a sensitive one, similar to returning a […]

Released! The Copywriting Maven Landing Page Makeover Compilation »

Tweet What a nice surprise in my Netvibes RSS reader to see that Brian at Copyblogger has compiled my landing page makeover series and other numerous posts about good landing page copy/design protocols in its own section – The Ultimate (Free) Landing Page Resource. Hard to believe I wrote most of all that! Bookmark it […]

Friday Fun: & One More Maven Landing Page Makeover »

Tweet   Check out VisuWords for a particular well-done and FREE online visual thesaurus/dictionary. The various definitions of “Maven” grew my pretty little posey you see here. And if you’re in the mood, please check out my 11th and final landing page makeover at Copyblogger. No worries, I’m putting the finishing touches on my new […]